Sebastian Demarco

Third generation of cinematographers, was only 13 when he grabbed
his first camera and unknowingly started a lifetime relationship with
Sebastian expanded his curiosity for film and photography in every
possible direction and place, traveling solo around the world and
shooting on land, air and underwater. A life of swinging from
unearthing dinosaurs’ bones in Mexico one week to work with
Carolina Herrera in New York the next or heading to the deeps of the
ocean following free-divers off Patagonia’s coast.
He lived in Argentina, Mexico and USA but his passion for adventure
didn’t always get him into the right place… In 2003 decided to go
back to basics and move into a sailboat, without electricity or running
water, anchored off the coast of Biscayne Bay. The experience got cut
short before a year when a combination of hurricanes Charley and
Frances sank it, almost with him on board.
Within the last decade he founded Finisterre Films (The Last Land
Films) and has shoots for companies such as ESPN, E! Entertainment,
HBO, History Channel, Warner Channel and Yahoo!, also collaborating
with most renowned major film studios, working with stars such as
Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Robert Rodriguez, Eva